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paternity, Rolling Meadows family law attorneyWhile more and more couples are having children before marriage or even eschewing marriage altogether, it is still imperative for any child to have two legally recognized parents. If this step is not taken, your child may miss out on advantages that stem from the achievements or status of their parents—opportunities that could make an enormous difference in their lives.

Paternity Laws in Illinois

The Illinois Parentage Act governs issues of paternity, and it sets out three ways that paternity can be established if the parents are not married at either the time of the child’s conception or birth. If the parents are married, the mother’s spouse is presumed by law to be the child’s other legal parent. To establish paternity otherwise, the parents have three options:


Posted on in Paternity

paternity, Rolling Meadows family law attorneyPaternity issues are complicated, emotional, and sometimes contentious matters- so much so that some may wonder why it is important or even necessary. Rest assured: this legal process, which is used to establish the biological father of a child, offers numerous benefits for all involved. Understand why you should take steps to legally establish paternity.

Benefits of Establishing Paternity for Mothers

When a married woman gives birth to a child, her husband is automatically presumed to be the father. He is generally the one who will be held responsible for child support, and he is the one who will likely split parenting time with the mother should the marriage end in divorce. The one exception is if a husband or an alleged father contests the validity of the child’s paternity.

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