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Rolling Meadows Order of Protection Lawyer

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If you feel you or a member of your family is in immediate danger of physical or psychological harm from your ex-spouse, a person with whom you have shared a personal relationship or any other person who has made threats, you are entitled to seek an order of protection through the Cook County, DuPage County and Lake County courts. The Law Offices of Donald J. Cosley in Rolling Meadows will expedite your petition through the court in your county of residence.

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There are three types of orders of protection available under Illinois law, including:

  • Emergency orders: Remaining in place up to 21 days, an emergency order is based on your testimony that you have come under threat of harm. The other party does not need to be present at the time of the petition. You will be required to convince the judge that you are in immediate danger of physical or emotional distress.
  • Interim orders: A higher order of protection, an interim order does not require a full court hearing with a judge. It is typically put in place to protect people between the expiration of the two- to three-week emergency order and the occurrence of a full court hearing. You will be required to notify your abuser that you are seeking an interim order and your abuser must have the opportunity to appear before the court before an interim order will be granted. Interim orders are in force up to 30 days beyond the expiration of the emergency order.
  • Plenary orders: Granted for up to two years from your abuser but requires a hearing in which your abuser will have the opportunity to refute your claims and provide evidence that the order should not be granted. The duration of a plenary order of protection is determined by the judge.

Arlington Heights Domestic Violence Lawyer for Orders of Protection

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