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Arlington Heights Legal Separation Attorney

Arlington Heights Legal Seperation Attorney

Arlington Heights Family Law Lawyer Helping Married Couples With Legal Separation

While legal separations are an option in the state of Illinois, it is an option that is used very rarely. A legal separation is done in the court, just like a divorce case, and is far different from simply being physically separated. Both parties still have an opportunity to appear before a judge, awards of maintenance and child support may still be made and property may even be divided by the court.

In a way, legal separations are just like divorce, except that the parties are still married.

At the Law Offices of Donald J. Cosley, our firm can help you understand the differences between legal separation and divorce, and advise you about your options. Contact us today to speak with an experienced Arlington Heights, Illinois, attorney. We can be reached online or by phone. Call our Arlington Heights office locally at 847-253-3100.

Experienced Arlington Heights Family Law Attorney

There are reasons why legal separations may be used in certain circumstances.

For some people, the idea of divorce is not an option due to religious reasons. In these cases, a legal separation will achieve all of the technical and legal ends that a divorce would achieve, while preserving the actual marriage.

Legal separations may also be used strategically to value and divide property of the marital estate immediately, without having to wait for all of the remaining legal issues to be resolved. By advancing the date of the termination of joint property rights, there may also be tax advantages for both spouses.

A legal separation may be converted into a divorce by following established court procedures. Whether you are interested in learning more about the viability of separation vs. divorce or you have already determined that a legal separation is the right path for your marriage, our firm can provide the answers you need.

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