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Arlington Heights Theft Attorney

Palatine Theft Criminal Defense Attorney

Palatine Criminal Defense Lawyer for Burglary and Shoplifting

The Law Offices of Donald J. Cosley in Arlington Heights provides experienced legal representation for people charged with misdemeanor and state felony theft and property crimes in Cook County, DuPage County and Lake County, Illinois.

With more than 20 years of experience, attorney Donald Cosley has successfully represented clients in every complexity of theft cases, including:

  • Theft by fraud and embezzlement
  • Credit card theft, identity theft, Illinois check fraud
  • Burglary, breaking and entry
  • Robbery, armed robbery
  • Misdemeanor shoplifting, retail theft
  • Employee pilferage
  • Auto theft
  • Possession of stolen property

It Is Always Worth Fighting a Theft Charge

There is no such thing as a minor misdemeanor charge when it comes to theft. Any kind of conviction for a financial or property theft offense means that you will lose the trust of a future employer. Banks and government agencies may also disqualify you from loans and special programs. Don't give the prosecutor the opportunity to make decisions that will have a major impact on your future. It always pays to fight aggressively to avoid a conviction — no matter how minor the charges may seem right now.

Juvenile Theft Crimes

Our firm's theft attorneys represent families of minor-aged individuals facing prosecution for shoplifting, burglary and other types of theft in courts throughout the Greater Chicago metro area. We understand the high stakes involved in keeping your son's or daughter's record free of a conviction.

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From our office in Arlington Heights, the Law Offices of Donald J. Cosley represents clients in Rolling Meadows and Palatine, and communities throughout the greater metropolitan Chicago area. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Arlington Heights retail theft Illinois defense attorney today by calling 847-253-3100.

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