Warning Signs You Are in an Abusive Relationship

abusive, Rolling Meadows domestic violence attorneyDomestic violence affects every gender, race, and income level. Sadly, abusive relationships can happen to anyone. Many people are fully invested in a romantic relationship before they realize that it is becoming abusive. This can make it even more difficult for victims of domestic violence and abuse to leave these relationships. If you are in a relationship you think may be abusive, read on to learn about some of the first signs of domestic violence in romantic relationships.

Domestic Violence Defined

Although domestic violence can involve non-romantic close relationships like parent-child, domestic violence at the hands of a romantic partner is the most common type. Also called intimate partner violence, domestic violence includes behaviors that hurt, scare, threaten, or prevent a partner from being independent. It can involve physical and sexual violence, intimidation, emotional or psychological abuse and financial exploitation. Many abusive individuals may seem charming and loving at the beginning of a relationship, but then start showing their true colors.

Red Flags That May Indicate Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can look dramatically different from relationship to relationship. Some abusive partners are obviously violent while others use subtle manipulation or threats to control their partner. The common theme of all abusive relationships is that one person attempts to gain power and control over the other. Domestic violence takes innumerable forms. For example, an abusive individual may:

  • Physically harm their partner;
  • Prevent their partner from seeking medical attention or calling the police;
  • Insult, demean, humiliate or put down their partner;
  • Become extremely jealous of their friends and family;
  • Insist that their partner spend more time at home and less with loved ones;
  • Tell their partner that they are over-reacting to violent or hurtful behavior;
  • Take complete control of household finances;
  • Refuse to give their partner access to money;
  • Prohibit their partner from making his or her own decisions;
  • Threaten their partner’s children;
  • Not allow their partner to attend school or work outside the home;
  • Destroy property;
  • Threaten or physically hurt pets;
  • Intimidate their partner with guns, knives or other weapons;
  • Demand sex even if his or her partner is unwilling; and
  • Pressure their partner to use drugs or alcohol.

These are only a few examples of behaviors which can be associated with domestic violence.

No One Deserves to Be Abused

If you are currently in an abusive relationship, contact an experienced Rolling Meadows domestic violence attorney to get the legal protection you need. Call the Cosley Law Office at 847-253-3100 for a free consultation today.





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