Tips for Handling an Uncontested Divorce in Illinois

Cook County divorce lawyerIn the worst-case scenario, divorce can be a seemingly endless process involving destructive conflict and burdensome court appearances. Understandably, many couples hope to avoid such a situation by pursuing an uncontested divorce, in which they agree to the terms of their divorce resolution without the court’s involvement. However, if you think of uncontested divorce as simply the “easy way out,” you could make costly mistakes that leave you at a disadvantage for years to come. Though it can be less stressful, an uncontested divorce still requires work and careful attention to detail.

Things to Keep in Mind in Your Uncontested Divorce

While you negotiate an agreement with your spouse, consider the following suggestions in order to protect your interests:

  • Seek qualified legal advice. An attorney is still important in an uncontested divorce. They can offer valuable advice before you enter negotiations, be present on your behalf during negotiations, and help you review and file any required documents. With an attorney’s assistance, you can ensure that you are not overlooking important details.
  • Be certain you can trust your spouse. If you and your spouse are truly on good terms and are committed to an amicable resolution, an uncontested divorce can work. However, if you have any suspicion of impropriety on the part of your spouse, such as hiding or dissipating marital assets, you would be wise to investigate further before proceeding with a settlement.
  • Aim for professional communication. Think of divorce settlement negotiations as similar to the creation of a business contract. This can help you ensure that discussions are civil and based on fact. Avoid emotional or personal digressions that can delay a resolution.
  • Do not be too quick to compromise. You may be tempted to agree to your spouse’s proposals with little argument in order to avoid conflict and get the divorce over with. However, it is important to know your priorities and what you are not willing to give up and to stand your ground when these issues come up.
  • Consider your children’s best interests. Many aspects of a divorce settlement are between you and your spouse, but for decisions regarding parental responsibilities and child support, your children are also a crucial factor. Keep in mind that even if you and your spouse agree completely on a parenting plan, the court could still require you to modify it if it does not provide for the best interests of your children.

Contact a Rolling Meadows Divorce Lawyer

The right attorney can help you pursue an uncontested, low-conflict divorce without compromising your needs and interests. At Cosley Law Group, we offer uncontested divorce services, and we are prepared to represent you in court if your divorce turns contentious. Contact our Arlington Heights, IL divorce attorney today at 847-253-3100 to schedule a free consultation.



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