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Three Ways Mediation Can Help Your Illinois Divorce Move Faster

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For most couples, divorce is a contentious process. Many years of hurt often culminate in divorce proceedings where the gloves come off and couples use issues like property division and parenting time as a proxy arena in which to hash out their personal differences. But taking this approach hurts everyone, especially if there are children involved, and can lead to a hostile divorce that takes much longer.

One solution to help couples avoid overly antagonistic divorce is called mediation. During mediation, a neutral third party who is specially trained in Illinois law helps divorcing couples discuss their differences with a focus on finding solutions. Mediation is not a perfect or easy process, but it can help a divorce move much faster - and therefore cost much less. Here are three ways mediation may help divorcing couples save time and get the divorce over sooner.

Less Time Fighting Over Issues

Because a mediator has training in conflict resolution, he or she can help a couple stay on track during negotiations. Mediators are good at helping couples prioritize, express their opinions and be heard, and craft a divorce agreement that a judge is likely to approve. When couples understand their realistic options and work together, the entire process moves more quickly.

Less Waiting for Court Appointments

Litigated divorces are notorious for how long they can be, and in the worst cases can last several years. With every court hearing, a couple must wait for the opportunity to get an appointment scheduled with a judge. Mediation can reduce the time it takes between filing for divorce and finalizing a divorce because fewer court hearings are required. In some uncontested divorces, couples may get their divorce finalized after only one hearing.

Less Time Spent Working To Pay For Attorneys

Contentious divorces that drag the process on for months and even years can put a serious burden on each spouse’s finances and push individuals to the point of insolvency. Sometimes, divorce proceedings must even be postponed as spouses work to save money to pay for more attorney’s fees. With mediation, the process can get resolved faster so each spouse spends less money on their attorney and less time working to pay for the divorce.

Meet with a Rolling Meadows Divorce Mediation Lawyer

If you are considering divorce and are wondering how mediation may help you, meet with a Cook County, IL divorce mediation attorney at Cosley Law Office. We have helped many couples achieve resolutions, even in difficult circumstances, and we will take pride in advocating passionately for our clients. To learn more about mediation and how we can help you, call our offices today at 847-253-3100.





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