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Texas Authorities Say Mysterious Doorbell Ringer Was a Domestic Violence Victim

 Posted on August 30, 2018 in Domestic Abuse

doorbell, Rolling Meadows Domestic Violence LawyerOver the last few days, social media outlets have been flooded with reposts of a video taken by a home security system in a Texas neighborhood. In the video, a partially-dressed woman can be seen with what appear to be broken restraints hanging from her arms as she rang the doorbell of a Texas home in the middle of the night. Now, authorities say the woman has been found safe and that she was a victim of domestic violence.

“It Was Very Odd”

Jennie Drude posted the original video last weekend. The mysterious woman was ringing doorbells in Drude’s neighborhood in the dead of night. Drude and a friend first sought advice from neighbors on a community Facebook page before posting the video in the hopes that the woman could be identified. “It was very odd to have a neighbor that would do something like this,” Drude said.

On Wednesday, a break in the case came, but it was not all good news. Just down the street from Drude, police responded to a call about a man threatening to kill himself. By the time the police arrived, the 49-year-old was dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot. The man’s suicide note referenced his 32-year-old girlfriend, who was not present at the scene, according to police.

Authorities were soon able to track down the woman and quickly determined that she was the one ringing the doorbell in the video. The police identified the woman as a victim of domestic violence but did not release her name, nor could they explain the restraints on her wrists in the surveillance footage. They have also not confirmed why she was out ringing doorbells on that particular night. The woman is staying with family outside the area and is safe, a spokesman for the police said.

The entire incident shook the close-knit community. “We watch each other’s kids when they are playing outside,” Drude said. “It was very odd to have a neighbor who would do something like this.”

Domestic Violence Can Escalate Quickly

In this particular case, the woman appears to have been lucky to escape a dangerous situation. All too often, domestic violence gets worse and worse until the victim is seriously injured or killed. If you have been the victim of intimate partner violence, it is important for you to know that help is available. Contact an experienced Rolling Meadows domestic violence attorney right away. We will assist you in reviewing your options and taking action against your abuser. Call 847-253-3100 for a free consultation today.





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