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Steps to take if your spouse is lying during divorce proceedings

Posted on in Divorce

The divorce process can be emotionally draining, no matter how amicable spouses are while navigating their split. However, some divorce proceedings are far more trying than others. For example, divorces that are marked by dishonesty can be far more difficult to cope with than those that are straightforward and involve full disclosure.

If you suspect or know that your spouse is lying about finances, behaviors that may affect your child custody case and other material matters, it is important that you react to your spouse's behavior with focused integrity on your part. Retaliating against your spouse for being dishonest will only make you look bad in the eyes of a judge.

Rather than taking matters into your own hands in a negative way, react to your spouse's dishonesty proactively and with dignity. Approach your attorney and inform him or her about the situation. He or she will likely encourage you to document any evidence you can acquire in regards to the situation being affected by the dishonesty. However, you must be careful to gather evidence in honest, legal ways. Please consult your attorney if you have any questions about how to successfully achieve this end.

Beyond what you are able to do, your attorney will likely be able to use several legal tools to compel your spouse to tell the truth and deal with the consequences of his or her dishonesty. Talking to your attorney and keeping your own moral compass intact will give you the best shot possible at achieving a fair outcome when your spouse is lying during divorce proceedings.

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