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Social Media Explodes with Blended Family Bliss

 Posted on October 21, 2015 in Social Media and Divorce

wedding, social media, blended family, Illinois family law attorneyIn today’s world of viral photos, many images are shared and quickly forgotten. Some, however, leave a lasting impression, especially when that impression is one of love and caring. Such was the case with a series of candid wedding photos that made the rounds on social media outlets last month, which many have found to be a source of inspiration for children of divorced and remarried parents.

A Loving Surprise

One of the major challenges facing remarried couples and blended families is determining the roles that are appropriate for each parent and stepparent. This can be especially difficult when preparing for a major family event like a wedding. Even in the best of situations, stepparents may not be sure how to act or what to expect, and, due to their devotion to their stepchildren, are often willing to step aside and remain relatively unobtrusive.

Todd Cendrosky found himself in just that situation as his stepdaughter Brittany, whom he had helped raise since she was 11, prepared to get married.  The wedding plans called for Brittany’s biological father, Todd Bachman, to walk her down the aisle. When the moment arrived, however, Bachman knew something was missing. According to reports, Bachman left Brittany standing in aisle for a moment, walked over to Cendrosky and pulled him from his seat saying, “You worked as hard as I have. You’ll help us walk our daughter down the aisle.” The photographer’s camera was ready as dad, stepdad, and daughter walked down the aisle together.

Symbol of Hope

Within days, the photos had been shared millions of times on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. In addition to capturing a sweet moment, the images represent much more than that to many, especially those who have struggled with divorce and custody battles. Janet Schrager, a clinical psychologist from Connecticut, observed that the reaction across the internet shows that children of split families have a strong desire to feel normal. Witnessing occasions such as these, she says, where blended families can come together makes children in similar situations feel like they are not alone and “almost normalizes the experience.”

To Cendrosky and Bachman, the point could not be any clearer. “It’s not about me,” Bachman said. “It’s not about him. It’s about her.”

Legal Help for Blended Families

If you and your family has gone through a divorce and are struggling with the legal concerns of moving forward into a new family reality, contact a compassionate Rolling Meadows family law attorney at Cosley Law Office. We can help you negotiate a child custody or parenting agreement that puts the child’s needs first, while recognizing the contributions of parents and stepparents alike. Call 847-253-3100 to schedule your free initial consultation.





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