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How Fathers' Rights Have Progressed

 Posted on April 28, 2024 in Child Custody

IL family lawyerMothers used to be fairly heavily favored in child custody cases. This was in no small part because mothers used to be much less likely to work outside the home, meaning that many stayed home to serve as full-time parents. Now that most households rely on the income of two parents, fathers are becoming much more involved in caring for their children. Childcare duties are frequently split evenly between mothers and fathers - as are household expenses. This puts mothers and fathers on a more level playing field in child custody decisions. Illinois child custody factors that traditionally came out in favor of the mother are now just as likely to favor the father. Fathers in need of a parenting plan should always be represented by an experienced Rolling Meadows, IL child custody lawyer.

How Illinois Child Custody Factors Affect Fathers

Illinois judges consider a list of factors when making parenting time decisions. All factors apply equally to both parents, regardless of gender. Some of the factors that traditionally favor mothers, but are now just as likely to favor fathers, include:

  • How much time each parent spent caring for the child - When both parents are working, they are likely to spend a roughly equal amount of time taking care of their children. Even fathers of young babies are now just as likely to take their turns waking up in the middle of the night to feed the infant. The breakdown of traditional gender norms means that more dads are cooking, getting the children dressed and ready for school, or changing diapers. 
  • The relationship between each parent and the children - In the past, mothers usually spent more time around the children and had a closer relationship. Now that there is a strong trend toward fathers being far more active in their children’s upbringing, most children are just as close to their fathers as they are to their mothers. 
  • Any prior course of conduct - The court will look at how the parents shared childrearing duties and how they are currently co-parenting. It will be important if the court sees that Dad is sharing childcare duties evenly. 
  • Risk or history of abuse - The use of corporal discipline has dropped significantly. The old stereotype of fathers using violence against their children as a means of discipline while mothers took a softer approach is largely gone. 

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