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Four Traffic Violations Excuses That Virtually Never Work

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excuse, Rolling Meadows traffic violations attorneyWhen you are pulled over for violating a traffic law, it is only natural that you would want to get out of a ticket. While you probably know that you could contest the citation in court, the process of fighting the ticket often begins informally during the conversation with the officer on the scene. A conviction for a traffic violation could result in fines, higher insurance premiums, and other penalties, so not getting a ticket in the first place is the easiest way to avoid a conviction. Unfortunately, a police officer is unlikely to be sympathetic when you offer a poor excuse.

Excuse #1: “I Wasn’t Paying Attention”

Traffic laws exist primarily for the purpose of keeping drivers attentive and safe. If you tell an officer that you were not paying attention—to traffic lights, speed limit signs, or other drivers—you are basically admitting that you were not following the law. An officer is unlikely to cut you break for being distracted, and if he or she does, there is a good chance that you will still get a ticket for a lesser violation;

Excuse #2: “You Didn’t or Couldn’t See Me Breaking the Law”

A police officer has a sworn duty to carry out his or her assigned responsibilities. If your best defense is that the officer who pulled you over was not doing his or her job properly, things are not likely to go well for you. You are probably not going to avoid getting a ticket by insulting the officer, so it is best to leave this excuse unspoken.

Excuse #3: “You Didn’t Pull That Driver Over”

If you are stopped for speeding, there is a good possibility that other drivers around you were also exceeding the speed limit. The same may be true for other violations as well, such as rolling stops. The fact that others are breaking the law does not give you the unfettered freedom to do the same. It is understandable that you might say something like this out of frustration, but do not expect it to save you from a ticket. Depending on how you say it, you may even be admitting to violating the law.

Excuse #4: “I Didn’t Know…”

There are situations in the realm of criminal law where ignorance is a possible defense, but such is rarely the case for traffic violations. By driving on the streets and highways of Illinois, you agree to follow all of the applicable laws. You may have a point if, for example, the sign marking a speed limit change has fallen down or become blocked for some reason, but in general, it is up to you to know the rules of the road.

Contact a Traffic Violations Attorney

Instead of offering lame excuses to the officer during a traffic stop, it is more advisable to accept the citation without incident. Then, contact an experienced Rolling Meadows traffic citations attorney to explore your available options. Call Cosley Law Office at 847-253-3100 for a free consultation today.



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