Co-Parenting Tips for Divorcing Parents

co-parenting, Rolling Meadows family law attorneysIf you are getting a divorce or have decided for certain to end your marriage, you may have apprehensions about how you and your spouse will raise your children. If you want to share parental responsibilities and parenting time, formerly called custody and visitation, you will need to find a way to co-parent that meets your child’s needs. Of course, cooperating with an ex-spouse can be extremely difficult. No co-parenting arrangement is perfect, but there are some things you can to do help make your co-parenting relationship with your ex as amicable and effective as possible. Read on to learn some of the top co-parenting tips from child development and mental health experts.

Do Not Disrespect Your Ex in Front of Your Children

It can be nearly impossible to keep quiet about frustrations involving an ex-spouse. If your marriage ended because of infidelity, deceit, or another hurtful behavior, you may be understandably furious at your ex-spouse. However, bad-mouthing your ex in front of your children will only make the situation worse. Children who hear parents talking negatively about each other may feel like they have to choose sides. Furthermore, when a parent talks badly about the other parent to the point that it encourages a child to turn against the other parent, it can be considered “parental alienation.” In extreme cases, parental alienation can lead to the loss of your parental rights.

Maintain Consistent Household Rules

Parents who get divorced can sometimes feel extremely guilty for putting their children through such a stressful ordeal. They may overcompensate by spoiling their child and letting up on the rules they had before the divorce. While a child may love that he or she is suddenly allowed to have ice cream for dinner, excessively spoiling a child or changing household rules after a divorce will do more harm than good. Research has consistently shown that children need predictable routines and rules in order to feel secure.

Agree to Put the Children First

Divorcing parents in Illinois are required to submit a parenting plan to the courts that details how parental responsibilities and parenting time should be allotted. When drafting this plan, make a pact with your spouse to always put the child’s needs first. It is understandably difficult to cooperate with an ex-spouse, but if you remind yourself that you are doing this for your child, it may be easier. Commit to working together instead of against each other as much as possible as your co-parent your child.

Contact a Schaumburg Child Custody Lawyer

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