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An Emergency Order of Protection Can Help Protect You from an Abusive Partner

 Posted on August 09, 2019 in Domestic Abuse

emergency, Arlington Heights domestic violence lawyerDomestic violence is sadly a common reality for many families in Illinois and across the country. Domestic violence refers to violence, both emotional and physical, against a family member, housemate, or romantic partner. If you are in an abusive relationship, you should know that you are not alone. There are many resources which can help you bring your abuser to justice and move on to a better life. One of these resources is an emergency order of protection.

How Can a Protective Order Benefit Me and My Family?

There are several ways that getting a protective order can help you and your children. A protection order, called a restraining order in other states, is a legally-binding document which prohibits a dangerous or abusive individual from being in contact with you and/or your children. The order can be customized for your particular situation. A protection order may:

  • Prevent the abusive person from calling, texting, or otherwise contacting you or your children;
  • Prohibit the abuser from entering your home, even if he or she lives there;
  • Require the abuser to surrender his or her firearms;
  • Make temporary modifications to your shared parenting time arrangement;
  • Prohibit the abuser from taking your property or property that you own together; and
  • Include other provisions which will help keep you or your children safe from harm.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a protective order is that you can call the police and have the abusive person immediately arrested if he or she violates any provision stated in the order. Furthermore, an order of protection is an important piece of evidence for getting further protection from an abusive partner or for child custody purposes.

How Can I Get an Emergency Protective Order?

There are several types of protective orders that Illinois residents can acquire. An emergency order of protection (EOP) can be initiated at your local county courthouse and takes affect immediately upon a judge’s approval. You will not need to have proof of the abuse in order to get an EOP, but you will need to show that you believe you are in danger. Your abuser will not be notified that you are seeking this order until it has been granted. An EOP lasts for 14 to 21 days. If you require further protection, you will need to attend a hearing to get a plenary protection order.

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