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5 Ways to Get Divorced in Illinois

 Posted on April 11, 2024 in Divorce

IL divorce lawyerYou have many options for resolving your divorce. It is important to consult a Rolling Meadows, IL divorce attorney who can help you select the right method. Your options range from sitting down with your spouse and both of your lawyers to taking your case to trial. Which method is right for you depends on factors like how amicable your divorce is, whether your marriage involved any abuse, and how complex dividing your marital property equitably is likely to be. While most spouses who try to achieve an uncontested divorce succeed, proceeding to litigation is an option if you find that collaborative divorce or mediation is not working.

Your Divorce Resolution Options

Methods for getting divorced you can likely choose from include:

  • Traditional mediation - In traditional mediation, both spouses and their respective attorneys sit down together with a mediator. The mediator guides the discussion while the attorneys provide guidance and keep you aware of your rights. This method tends to work well if you and your spouse are civil. 
  • Other mediation options - If you do not think traditional mediation would be productive because you and your spouse would become heated, there are other options. A mediator can keep you in separate rooms while he or she goes back and forth so you do not ever have to see your spouse. This can be done in person or virtually. 
  • Collaborative divorce - You and your spouse sit down with just your attorneys present and work towards a fair and reasonable divorce agreement together. This option often works well in amicable divorce or when both parties are willing to cooperate so they can get divorced quickly. 
  • Attorney-led negotiation - This method may succeed if other types of uncontested divorce strategies fail. You and your spouse never have to see each other - your attorneys communicate directly with each other and relay messages and offers back to you. This strategy can work in high-conflict divorce if both parties wish to avoid a trial. 
  • Contested divorce - Contested divorce is often a last resort when the parties have tried and failed to reach an agreement. It is common in high-asset divorce when there is a complex financial situation, or when one party needs alimony. Parents who cannot agree to a parenting plan and parents who are trying to protect their children from a harmful spouse may also choose a contested divorce. 

Contact a Cook County, IL Divorce Lawyer 

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