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5 Reasons to Consider Mediation For Your Illinois Divorce

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Rolling Meadows Divorce Mediation AttorneyMany divorcing couples are concerned about the stress, conflict, and costs that a divorce trial can bring, and in order to avoid it, they may attempt to handle the divorce on their own. However, this option can have just as many pitfalls, including possible misunderstandings of the legal process and a resolution that may not adequately protect each spouse’s rights and interests. Fortunately, there is another divorce resolution option known as mediation, and it is worth considering whether it may be the best approach in your case.

Why Pursue Divorce Mediation?

There are a number of reasons why mediation could be a good choice for a divorcing couple, some of which include:

  1. You want to have guidance when communicating with your spouse. A neutral third party can be beneficial even for couples who want to work together on a divorce resolution. The mediator can ensure that both spouses are heard, identify common ground, and help to prevent discussions from devolving into conflict or opening emotional wounds.

  2. You want to end your marriage amicably. A divorce trial is inherently adversarial, and it may exacerbate or further entrench conflicts and disagreements that already exist. Instead of fighting with your spouse, mediation allows you to work together on a resolution that serves both of your interests.

  3. You want to maintain control and privacy. In a trial, the final decision on all aspects of the divorce resolution is left in the hands of the court, which may result in an outcome that neither spouse is satisfied with. Additionally, a divorce trial is a matter of public record, so private family issues may come before the public eye. Mediation allows you to work through your differences behind closed doors, and it also allows you and your spouse to maintain greater control over the terms of your agreement.

  4. You want to protect your children. Disagreements over parental responsibilities and parenting time are often some of the most contentious parts of a divorce trial, and the stress can spill over into your home life with your children. Through mediation, however, you and your spouse can cooperate to create a parenting plan that protects the best interests of your children.

  5. You want to save time and money. While there is no guarantee that mediation will be more time- and cost-effective than litigation, couples who choose mediation are often able to reach a resolution more efficiently and avoid many of the court costs that may come with divorce.

Contact a Rolling Meadows Divorce Mediation Attorney

At Cosley Law Office, we can help you decide on the best method for resolving your divorce, and we also offer mediation services if you choose to pursue that approach. With our guidance, you can better protect your interests throughout any kind of divorce proceedings. For a free consultation, contact an Arlington Heights family lawyer at 847-253-3100.




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